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    My first session here in New Jersey went oddly. The doctor showed up and began the calibration or brain mapping pretty much as soon as he walked in. About 12 minutes later, he said “well, we can’t elicit a response from your right hand. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back next week. Sometimes this happens…but we’ll get it right next time.”

    Uh, what? First of all, the staff didn’t ask me to empty my pockets of my phone and credit cards, two things that can interfere with the magnets used in the machine. I read on the Johns Hopkins TMS website that pockets should be cleared out to prevent interference. Also, I have a few metal crowns in my mouth from dental work. This was not addressed…? Anyone have any similar experiences? I mean…did they do it wrong because they forgot about the fundamentals of how this works: MAGNETS???

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