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    I’m new. I’m halfway through my 36 sessions and my mood is a yo-yo. Some days I am good and some days I feel empty inside. I can get weepy and irritable on these bad days. I’m also still tired a good deal of the time. Anyone else experience these issues? My dr says these are normal. I just want to make sure I’m not alone.


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    I’m 2/3 way through my course of 30 sessions. I am feeling less depressed, but i still have days where I’m super anxious and irritable. My doctor switched to my right side to try and help with the anxiety. I am tired too, so you’re definitely not alone. One thing i haven’t seen other people talk about is having very vivid and disturbing dreams.



    Did you folks get a relief from you anxiety after a while?



    Hi, these posts all seem several months old, so not sure if anyone is still around. I’ve got 14 treatments left and have been getting migraines daily since I started the treatments. I didn’t have migraines last week because they were close for that week so no TMS. I have also had increased anxiety and less sleep since I started TMS. It’s VERY frustrating. I’m determined to finish the 26 treatments because I’ve read that some patients experience improvement after they’ve completed the course–even up to a couple weeks afterward. Just wondering if anyone out there has anything positive to say about things improving later, even though it seems like it’s making things worse during the course of TMS treatments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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