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    I was on a minor dose of Prozac for many years and it worked great. But it, eventually, stopped working after 4 years of chonic stress in my job (which I since left).

    After seeing a psychiatrist and trying all kinds of medication for a year, it was determined I am medication resistant. So I had TMS treatments and they worked – no medication needed until I suffered some trauma and needed treatments again. The second round of TMS treatments worked but not as well as the first. I need something more.

    My question is, once TMS has rebooted your brain, will medication start to work again?



    My goal is not to need medication after I’m done. Ive been taking meds for over 35 years and I’m just so tired of the mixed results and side effects. Just completed TMS session #20 today. Started feeling better after the first 10 treatments. I’ve also reduced the dosage on my meds. I want to be med free and just keep doing TMS if i need it and then maybe psilocybin in a few years if things keep progressing like they have in Oregon!

    How are you doing now, Marilyn? Are you back on meds?

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