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    Just had a question about the power level (%) that it begins to be therapeutic. I finished my 3rd session with no problems besides the usual headache and tiredness. Currently I’m at 75% and from what they told me, it can go up to 120%. To me it feels more uncomfortable than painful, for the moment anyways.

    So, is the goal to reach up to 120% depending if we can tolerate it or not? Just want to make sure I’m doing everything right, to have the chance for this to possibly work. Not on any meds (treatment resistant) but they did tell me, people that had finished the sessions had restarted on meds and it began to work…When it never worked before.

    Anyone have a similar story with starting back up on medications and having it work? Besides that, I’m still worried about the possible side affects like the other posts on here. Thank you.

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