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    Lilly recently shared her experience of TMS Therapy with TMS+You. Read below for her story, and share your thoughts in the comments, or share your story at

    I am 58 years old and I have suffered from depression since child hood and more noticeable in my early adult years. After failing to obtain relief from oral antidepressants, I began to seriously consider ECT. I found mild relief in fishers Estim and then one day in my-desperate search I found TMS.

    My first treatment was in 12/ 2019 and ended in 2020.
    This was NeuroStar machine. I wasn’t treated for the anxiety, fully because I could not afford it. The intensity had to be set at 0.9 to reach my motor thresh hold. It was awful, they gave me ear plugs and told me I needed to buy a mouth guard. I felt great after ward, the COVID hit. And as a health care proofed soon also I lost all sense of calm. I provide direct patient care.

    By summer of 2020 I needed a boast , I reluctantly called the center because I had painful memories of the feelings from the treatment, it felt like someone was constantly drilling an ice pick through my skull . Anyway I was told no, insurance won’t pay for it.

    Almost 1 year later, I sought out a different, provider, and found DeepTMS using BrainsWay.
    This is by far a more comfortable machine and my Doctor is available to me and she treats anxiety and depression.
    The first TMS experience was not so good. They did not have a doctor available for me. Had to reach out to another location and did not offer after hour services. I had to wait until they hired someone.
    I did not know what options were available and this was the only location option my insurance provider had offered me.

    I did experience a brief dip 1 week into the program and It took three weeks to resolve. One day I just woke up and my brain awakened.

    By the end of the first treatment, I was symptoms free! Then covid hit! I found myself having to remove myself from negative people and, my anxiety was creeping up again.

    I began the deep TMS on 3/5/21. After the first week , I was beginning to feel better, by the second week I returned to baseline horror!

    Week 2 the horror continued , I asked technicians if this was the dip! By week three it started to lift. My provider made some changes in my treatment s which is longer sessions now, I feel much better.
    I met with the provider and she explained that sometimes after a long period of not having TMS, it can take longer to get a response.

    My anxiety is better and the depression continues to lift.

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