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    I had TMS done this spring. Felt no relief until the final week, but then – wow! It was gone. For the first time in my adult life I was depression-free.
    Now, 3.5 months later,I’ve been hit with depression again. It’s so intense and I’m both miserable and terrified. I keep slipping further and further down with speed I’ve not experienced before. Is this normal? It’s like the pathways TMS opened up to allow some normal brain function in have slammed shut. So scared this is permanent and all the TMS gains are gone. It’s been about a week. In my ore TMS world, I’d have known it would lift at some point. I don’t know in post-TMS world if this is normal or not. Can anyone offer some insight?



    Your experience was very similar to mine! I finished in early December – Didn’t get relief till the last week. After a few months I was depressed again. I went for maintenance (I did 5 days in a row) it helped tremendously! I have had 2 maintenance treatments in the last 9 months and each one lasts a bit longer. I check my mood on a regular basis and if I feel down I schedule maintenance. Some people have to go quarterly for maintenance, I will say the depression is improved, but not as great as when I originally finished. But I found if I have the suicidal swirling thoughts they are usually gone after the first maintenance treatment.



    I experienced the same thing, it took 46 sessions to pull me out. I was awesome for 8 weeks then slammed back into it (at first thought it might be hormonal, but it was the same symptoms as before, crying out of the blue, brain not working) My psychiatrist had me do 1X week maintenance for 5 weeks and it worked, along with organizational skills returning this time. I’m approved for an additional full course as I was told that should allow longer time in between treatments for me. I start soon, I’m little hesitant as I’ve been good since my maintenance ended and the first full course was brutal as far as emotions for me.

    I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome of another full course, hoping it does allow my brain to function longer as it used to.



    I’ve done three complete rounds of TMS over two years. Thousands of dollars and countless hours later, I can’t say I’m all better. But i was desperate to try.

    However . . . My psychologist told me that for patients like me, for whom TMS doesn’t “stick”
    I should try CRM
    CRM helps put you back together if you’ve experienced long-time trauma (like me) which results in a profoundly depressed and anxious brain.
    Four months later, CRM is making me feel whole in a way no other treatment has…..Worth a shot if TMS isn’t working for you. Best of luck ❤️



    How does one find a CRM provider and is it covered by insurance? I finished TMS in September and I took a bad turn 5 days ago. I don’t know if I was triggered or if it just ‘shut off’ I never felt great but did see some benefits. I can do maintenance but insurance doesn’t cover it. It’s $400 a session. They recommend every other week. I’m all alone and could maybe scrape enough for one visit but that’s it. Feeling devastated and frozen. My suicidal thoughts were minimal and Saturday they came on full throttle.



    Lisa H – CRM is covered partially by my insurance, yes.
    My TMS doctor wanted me in bi-weekly for maintenance as well, but who can afford that? My insurance doesn’t cover maintenance either.
    TMS helped, but on a surface level. Issues definitely came back. It wasn’t the cure-all TMS marketing made it out to be.
    Google ‘Comprehensive Resource Therapy (CRM)’ providers in your area.
    Good luck to you!



    I talked to my therapist about CRM and she wasn’t familiar with it. After looking at it, she did not feel it would be beneficial to my circumstances.

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