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    I had treatment with TMS earlier this year. I was experiencing one of my worst episodes of depression, in which I could barely move, eat, or sleep. Since meds had previously made me a zombie and gain large amounts of weight, my therapist recommended TMS. Luckily my insurance covered TMS and I was approved for 42 treatments and then an additional 10. I was responsive to treatment almost immediately. However, the entire treatment was a roller coaster. I experienced The Dip that I’ve read about. And iit’s really frightening, to have something finally work and then start to decline. But then about 1/2 way through I slowly started making progress again. Once the progress returned, I also experienced horrible anxiety. According to my doctor, anxiety often rises as the depression begins to dissipate. He then did bilateral treatment to help with the anxiety, which took effect within a few treatments. If I started TMS at 0%, at the end of my treatments I felt about 75-80% better. Not exactly thriving, but definitely functional and fairly positive. A huge difference from where I started. I could eat, sleep, exercise, and was looking forward to moving ahead.

    It has been about 3.5 months since my last treatment. I am under some chronic stress and over the past two weeks I can feel myself sliding. That feeling when depression starts to physically weigh you down. I’m crying, feeling anxious, depleted, not sleeping, losing interest in food. If I was at 75-80% a few months ago, I’m now back down to 25-30%. I cannot allow myself to get back to 0 again.

    I’ve put in a call to the center I received treatment to discuss what to do. However, in the meantime, I am wondering if others have experienced a relapse. Is this normal? I’m wondering if the years (decades) of cumulative untreated depression just takes a lot more TMS treatments to finally “fix.” Would welcome feedback on this. Thank you in advance!



    Welcome. Glad you found this forum.
    I am going to give you the short side of some info. Depression is a chronic illness. Some people who have TMS treatments never relapse and some do. Many of us who do relapse undergo booster treatments. Have you heard of TMS booster treatments? Booster treatments are follow up treatments when depression starts to reoccur after the initial course of treatments has been administered. Most often only a few treatments are needed to restore the previous recovery level. For example, I know one person who goes once a month for one booster treatment. I go once a year usually in May for 3 treatments and I am good for a year. The key from what my doctor and TMS coordinator advises is to schedule and receive treatments as soon as you recognize the first signs that your depression is reoccurring. The quicker you undergo treatments, most of the time, the less treatments are needed to restore your previous recovery level. The longer you wait it is very possible the more treatments you will need. Everyone is different and I am sure others will have more information as each response to TMS is as individual as we all are. You are right on target to have already called the treatment center. Even though boosters may be needed, they are quite effective. Good luck and please let us know how you are doing and your course of treatment. Sending good thoughts.



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