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    I am at treatment 17 (out of the suggested 36, for depression only) – so about 4 weeks in. I believe I am experiencing the dreaded “dip”.

    After treatment #6, I am sure I experienced the “lift” (good mood, motivated, feeling lighter). I was aware that moods may fluctuate, but I would like reassurance that this current “dip” is temporary. Over the weekend, I noticed my mood going down, and feeling irritable. It has since then gotten a bit worse, and I am a little worried.

    I’ve read posts stating it will pass, but I’d like to know what your stories are. When did you start feeling this “dip”? How bad was your depression when it started? When your brain “stabilized”, were you feeling as good as the first session? (I would like to think that “lift” would be permanent/a baseline rather than a side effect)


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