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    Hi. I’m new here. I’ve been looking forever for a site like this.
    I’m a 57 year old woman who has had severe MDD and C-PTSD due to a very traumatic experience on Christmas day, 2013, when my parents and all three siblings abandoned and ostricized me. Never saw it coming. I had been the only one of us four that took care of my parents for 19 years along with my kids and husband. I grew up with a horrible covert narcissistic mother who destroyed our family. My husband is a narcissist as well as my entire family. So is my husband’s brothers wife. I have had narcissists swimming around me for 20 years. It has caused severe MDD and C-PTSD. I should add that my husband is so so so much different than the first 12 years of our marriage.
    I have been on 8 different anti-depressants and 4 different mood stabilizers. For 3 months Lametil was a God send! I had my life back! Then it stopped working completely.
    I found a great functional medicine Dr. Who does DTMS. I am having my 24th treatment tomorrow and I hardly feel any improvement. I’m still blah, still exhausted, still not sleeping well, still not interested in anything. When will this start working!! I’m so frustrated. My Dr. ASSURES me it will. He said that because I’m older, had it so bad, for so long, as well as the narcissistic abuse, plus not having any success with so many meds, it’s will take a lot longer.
    Also, the worst part is from 3 days in I have had the most PAINFUL headache!! Started on my right temple where the tapping is, then across my forehead to the left temple. Sometimes it goes to both ears. I get so nauseated from it. My Dr and everything online says “it’s not the treatment”. Oh yes it is! Never had this headache before and it only started when I started the treatments. They NEVER go away. Even with the break over the weekend.
    I’m sorry for the long post but I am hoping one of you knows something I can’t find anywhere else. You KNOW they ONLY post the best things about it online. Any info will be great. Thanks, so glad to have found this!



    I’m 59 and have been on meds since 1988. I had headaches with this treatment. About halfway through I got severe anxiety and insomnia. Still have it.. Completed 36 treatments and am worse than I have ever been. I was told there were no side effects to this treatment but its a big lie. I told tech giving me my treatments my new symptoms but she NEVER recorded them in my chart. I complained about this and got no response. Wish I never would have done this.



    I had 19 treatments with MagVenture using Thetaburst at 9 minute sessions. This one is supposed to be the most advanced. My doc gave me 10 treatments the first week, then 3 treatments for 3 weeks which is supposed to continue tapering. I never any felt better. In fact, I immediately felt more irritable and on edge, and developed constant dull headaches which the provider says is not a symptom of TMS and must be something else. I am thinking I need to stop this after hearing other people’s bad reactions.

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